How to Set a Video as a Wallpaper on Your Samsung Phone

Make your Samsung Galaxy telephone stand apart with video backdrops. This is the way you can set a video as your backdrop.

Changing your backdrop is perhaps the most ideal way to cause your telephone to feel previously unheard-of once more. All things considered, it’s the principal thing you take a gander at in the wake of taking out your telephone and opening it.

Regardless of anything style you like, you can constantly track down a backdrop that suits you and addresses how you feel. However, once in a while, a static backdrop simply doesn’t cut it.

Thus, we should get inventive and perceive how you can set a video as your lock screen and home screen backdrop on your Samsung gadget.

How to Set a Video as Your Lock Screen Wallpaper

You needn’t bother with any outsider application to put a video as your Lock screen backdrop. You can do so straightforwardly from the Samsung Gallery application. This is the thing you really want to do:

  • Open the Samsung Gallery application and select your ideal video.
  • Tap the three dabs menu and select Set as backdrop > Lock screen.
  • On the off chance that your video is excessively lengthy, press the scissors symbol to manage it down to 15 seconds or less, and afterward tap on Done. Note that live video backdrops can’t be more than 100MB in size.
  • Once done, tap Set on Lock screen, and you’re all set.

The video you set will consequently play when you lock your Samsung Galaxy telephone and make a beeline for the lock screen.

How to Set a Video as Your Home Screen Wallpaper

Setting a video as your Home screen backdrop is somewhat more confounded than doing as such for the Lock screen. To do as such, you should download an extra application.

For Galaxy gadgets, you can utilize Samsung Good Lock; it’s an across the board customization application from Samsung. It doesn’t come pre-introduced on Samsung gadgets, yet you can get it from the Galaxy Store.

Once downloaded, follow the means underneath. Note that the interaction is somewhat of a workaround; the application doesn’t permit setting recordings as your home screen backdrop straightforwardly.

Send off Good Lock and track down the Wonderland module under the Family menu. After tapping the module, the application will divert you to the Galaxy Store, where you can introduce it.
Open Wonderland and tap New > Gallery and select a picture; simply sit back and relax, it won’t be apparent in the eventual outcome.
Tap the App to Layer button at the base right of your screen and select Video. Pick your ideal video from your exhibition, change its length, and tap Done. The video will show up on top of the picture you picked before. Basically
resize the video to cover the screen see completely, and afterward tap on Save. Once more, give this custom preset a name and tap Save.
Once done, you’ll see a review of your video backdrop. On the off chance that you’re content with the outcome, tap on Set as backdrop, select whether to apply it to simply the home screen or both the home and lock screens.
In the event that you’re discontent with the eventual outcome, you can continuously return to the Wonderland module and alter your saved preset.

Ensure your video has sufficient goal and is in the right aspects prior to setting it as your backdrop, or the outcome could seem foggy. For example, on the off chance that your telephone has a QHD screen and you utilize a video with Full HD goal, the backdrop may be disagreeable.

Assuming that you’re searching for a few excellent recordings for nothing, you can constantly make a beeline for famous destinations like Pexels and Pixabay.

Jazz Up Your Screen With a Video Wallpaper

Static backgrounds are unreasonably ordinary; in case you’re looking for something to invigorate your screen, areas of strength for a setting can have a significant effect. The Samsung Good Lock application permits you to modify your live setting in various ways. You can add text, stickers, shapes, and atom influences like snow, raindrops, stars, air pockets, and more on top of your live scenery.


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