Microsoft At long last Fixed That One Dreadful Windows Information Wipe Bug

Ahead of time, the “eliminate everything” choice didn’t really do that. Presently, after a speedy hotfix, Microsoft has fixed this dreadful issue.

Windows might be the most-involved working framework on the planet, yet it’s not without its deficiencies. Luckily, Microsoft is attempting to figure out the kinks, as it demonstrated in a new update that fixes a bug that forestalls a PC reset from cleaning everything.

Microsoft’s Terrible Windows 11 Bug, Presently Fixed

As investigated Microsoft Backing, Windows 11 laptops are getting the KB5011493 update. It’s a minuscule one, and its only mission is to take out a terrible bug that raised its head as of late:

Resolves a known issue that happens when you endeavor to reset a Windows gadget and applications have organizers contain reparse information, like Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Whenever you select Eliminate everything, documents that have been downloaded or synchronized locally from Microsoft OneDrive probably won’t be erased.

Assuming this is whenever you’re first knowing about this bug, we let the cat out of the bag in late February 2022 after Microsoft conceded that the “eliminate everything” instrument didn’t really do that. Assuming you had a connected OneDrive record on your PC before the wipe, it would re-sync your things a while later, meaning the PC wasn’t genuinely spotless.

Luckily, when this update goes out, this irritating bug will at long last be fixed. And afterward, “eliminate all that ” will genuinely do what it says it will do.

A Fast Arrangement From Microsoft

This bug might not have appeared to be no joking matter, yet it was possibly obliterating for individuals’ protection. Here and there, individuals depend on the “eliminate everything” device to wipe the record while selling on their PCs. Nonetheless, in the event that the apparatus doesn’t really eliminate everything and the dealer doesn’t twofold check, they might give up something other than equipment.

Luckily, Microsoft didn’t dawdle getting a fix out. In only half a month subsequent to reporting the bug, the organization figured out how to carry out an update that fixes it. Thusly, make certain to refresh your machines in the event that you mean to utilize the “eliminate everything” apparatus sooner rather than later.

Another Issue, Fixed

While unintentionally spilling information to outsiders is never really smart, Microsoft has sent a handy solution for its OneDrive issue. Also, in the event that you’re ever in uncertainty, it’s best 100% of the time to utilize a plate wiper to truly, genuinely guarantee nothing endures the reset.


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