Step by step instructions to Utilize the Reverse Video Impact on TikTok

Making a video that plays in reverse on TikTok is simple. Here is a basic aide.

Assuming you’ve invested energy watching TikTok videos, odds are you’ve staggered on videos with loads of cool channels and impacts that makers use to make their substance seriously captivating.

One of these is the Reverse impact that permits you to play your clasp in reverse, starting with the consummation.

This is the way to utilize it to change around your video…

Step by step instructions to Utilize the Reverse Video Impact on TikTok

The Reverse Video impact is easy to utilize, simply follow these means:

  • Open the application and tap on the Make (+) button at the lower part of your screen to make or alter a TikTok video.
  • Record a clasp or transfer a current video from your exhibition.
  • Tap on Impacts between the “Sounds” and “Text” buttons to get to every one of the cool consequences for TikTok.
  • Presently, scroll right and tap on the Time tab at the base right of your screen to get to the time-related impacts.
  • There are other cool TikTok impacts you might need to attempt.
  • Drag the slider to the region on the course of events where you need the video to begin playing in reverse, then, at that point, tap Reverse. Your choice is currently prepared to play in reverse.
  • Tap the play button to the applied impact in real life in the event that it doesn’t play naturally.
  • Tap Save when done, then, at that point, tap Straightaway.
  • You can enter a short depiction, use hashtags, and change any settings you need. Tap Post when done to share your video.

Play It The two Different ways

Because of TikTok’s Reverse impact, you play cuts in reverse in your posts. Since you know how to utilize the TikTok Reverse Videos impact, feel free to utilize it to dazzle your crowd or devotees, or even reuse a portion of your old videos in your exhibition.

This is one of a few other cool stunts, impacts, devices, and channels that make TikTok an incredible asset for makers and admirers of short-structure video content.


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