The most effective method to Check for MacBook Reviews on Your PC

Has Mac reviewed your MacBook to fix a flaw with the battery, console, or some other parts? Here’s the manner by which to discover.

In some cases gadgets should be reviewed if an issue is found inside an enormous number of them. Throughout the long term, Macintosh has given various battery reviews for the MacBook Air or MacBook Professional, alongside review programs for the console, screen, and different gadgets.

On the off chance that Macintosh reviews your MacBook, it implies you’ll get a free fix for the influenced part, whatever that might be.

Here’s the way you can see whether your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Ace has been reviewed.

The most effective method to See whether Your MacBook Should Be Reviewed

Apple has a rundown of the multitude of reviews and substitutions it’s at present doing on this site: program.

The principal thing to check is whether any of the gadgets you own are on this rundown. On the off chance that they are, your gadget may be influenced. In the event that not, fantastic! Your MacBook hasn’t been influenced by a review program.

In case you don’t know precisely which model your MacBook is, it’s not difficult to discover. Snap on the Mac logo in the menu bar of your MacBook. At that point click on About This Mac to see your gadget’s data.

Whenever you’ve affirmed that your MacBook is one of the influenced models, you’ll need your chronic number. You can track down the chronic number for your gadget in the equivalent About This Mac window.

This is a similar interaction for the MacBook, MacBook Professional, MacBook Air, and any remaining Macs. We’ve composed a devoted guide on the best way to discover your MacBook’s chronic number, in case you’re as yet not certain what to do.

Step by step instructions to Sort Your MacBook Out

Since you have the vital gadget data, head back to Apple’s review list. Snap on the gadget name that you’re checking. For instance, you may tap on the 2015 MacBook Star battery review on the off chance that you have one of those Macs.

On the page that opens, look down until you see Qualification. Track down the chronic number box and enter your chronic number prior to clicking Submit.


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