What iPhones Are Waterproof?

Will your iPhone endure in the event that you drop it in the pool? We’ll cover the water-resistant appraisals of each iPhone model.  

Perhaps the most well-known ways that telephones get harmed is getting wet. Since water is a typical regular component, ensuring your gadgets against it tends to be interesting. Spills, buildup, downpour, or a fall in the pool all happen oftentimes.  

You’ll have less water-harm worries with a water-resistant telephone. So it’s essential to see whether your telephone is waterproof or not.  

In this guide, we’ll investigate what iPhones are waterproof and which ones aren’t.  

What iPhones are WaterProof?  

What iPhones are waterproof and how might you tell if your iPhone is waterproof? The short answer is: no cell phone is waterproof, not even your iPhone. Also, no, your AirPods are not waterproof, by the same token.  

Waterproof suggests that a gadget is totally indestructible by water. That would mean you could go swimming with your iPhone for quite a long time and it would be okay. The way things are, no cell phone is waterproof.  

In spite of the fact that your iPhone might be water-resistant. This implies they are intended to withstand fluid contact partly, yet may in any case be harmed by water under specific conditions.  

The contrast among waterproof and water-resistant isn’t absolutely semantic, it has a significant effect with regards to gadgets. In case you’re spending boatloads of money on an iPhone, you should be certain whether it can endure in the event that you at any point get trapped in a deluge, or on the off chance that you inadvertently drop it in a latrine bowl.  

Presently we realize that there are no waterproof iPhones, we should take a gander at which iPhones are water-resistant and how much.  

Water-Resistant iPhone Models  

The main water-resistant iPhones were the iPhone 7 and 7 Or more. In 2016, Apple declared that the two telephones would be delivered with an IP67 water-resistant rating. This implied that they could make due in water at a greatest profundity of one meter for as long as 30 minutes.  

The accompanying deliveries—the iPhone 8, 8 Or more, X, XR, and the iPhone SE (second Era)— all got an IP67 rating too.  

The iPhone XS, XS Max, and 11 have an IP68 rating that permits them to oppose fluid interruption at a greatest profundity of two meters for as long as 30 minutes.  

The iPhone 11 Professional and 11 Ace Max have an IP68 rating, with Apple asserting that they can withstand up to four meters of water profundity for 30 minutes.  

The iPhone 12 and later are the most water-resistant iPhones Apple has created up until this point. Likewise with IP68 evaluations, they can endure being lowered in water as profound as six meters for 30 minutes.  

In addition, each gadget from the iPhone XR onwards is resistant to spills from different fluids like pop, brew, espresso, tea, and juice.  

Obviously, it causes a stir that the iPhone XS Max and later all have IP68 evaluations yet shifting degrees of water obstruction.  

Here’s the way IP evaluations work: standard testing for water opposition doesn’t give a precise profundity. IP68 basically implies the telephones have been tried at profundities more than one meter and discovered to be flawless. Exact lengths and profundities are left to the makers.  

Apple’s cases are, accordingly, liable to be more precise than the IP rating.  

What Exercises Can Water-Resistant iPhones Handle?  

Outfitted with this data about the water-resistant abilities of your iPhone, you might be enticed to welcome your gadget with you on a dip to take some cool underwater selfies.  


Another iPhone’s water obstruction is guaranteed via seals and gaskets that block the ports and different openings. In any case, these seals can debilitate after some time because of typical wear or tear, and there’s no solid method of affirming that they are as yet compelling.  

Apple gives no rules with respect to when this security lapses, so your iPhone’s water obstruction is truly up to mystery. A few telephones emerge from the plant with surrenders, so they may even be feeling the loss of these seals.  

To be protected, get your iPhone far from water totally. Probably, you can be reassured that your iPhone will likely be fine on the off chance that it coincidentally falls in a latrine bowl or in case you’re trapped in a light deluge.  

Indeed, even Apple suggests that you try not to utilize your iPhone in the event that you are:  

  • Swimming, washing, or utilizing a sauna or steam room  
  • Presenting the gadget to compressed or high-speed water (for example showering, fly skiing, or surfing)  
  • Cleaning the gadget with compressed air  
  • Deliberately lowering the gadget under any circumstance  
  • Utilizing the iPhone outside of the suggested temperature or stickiness ranges  

As such, Apple is saying “Dunk your iPhone underwater at your own danger.”  

What to Do If Your Telephone Gets Wet  

On the off chance that your iPhone gets wet from water, turn it off and attempt to get it as dry as could really be expected. On the off chance that it gets wet from any fluid other than water, flush your iPhone under clean water, at that point wipe your iPhone off with a delicate fabric and dry it however much you can.  

To dry your iPhone, tap it delicately against your hand with the pursuing port looking to eliminate overabundance fluid. You could likewise put your iPhone before a fan to help the drying cycle.  

Try not to dry your iPhone with an outside heat source. Also, don’t stick an unfamiliar segment, for example, a q-tip or a paper towel, into the Lightning charging port.  

Likewise, don’t dismantle the gadget yourself. Doing so may wind up harming the defensive pieces of the iPhone.  

On the off chance that the harm appears to be extreme, take your iPhone to a specialist for fixes.  

Water Harm Isn’t Covered by Apple’s Guarantee  

Notwithstanding Apple’s water-resistant cases, the organization’s guarantee doesn’t cover any water harm.  

A few group believe that Apple would not know without a doubt on the off chance that they take a water-harmed iPhone to be fixed under guarantee inclusion. Notwithstanding, numerous cell phone producers, including Apple, have inherent markers that permit them to check whether the telephone has been in contact with water.  

These are called Fluid Contact Markers (LCIs). Contingent upon the model, the LCI is covered up in the iPhone’s SIM opening or earphone space. On the off chance that the iPhone has not had any contact with water, the LCI ought to be white. iPhones that have been spilled on or dunked in water will have red LCIs.  

On the off chance that Apple sees that the LCI is red, the harm won’t be covered by them.  

Is My iPhone Actually Water-Resistant After Fixes?  

On the off chance that you supplant any iPhone parts at an Apple-endorsed outlet, your water opposition should in any case be flawless. In any case, outsider fixes could bring about your iPhone losing its water-resistant abilities.  

At the point when the gadget is opened, the waterproof seal gets broken and it should be supplanted to guarantee water opposition.  

The vast majority lean toward outsider repairers since they offer lower costs than Apple-certify specialists. Apple-endorsed fixes cost a chunk of change, yet you can be certain that you will get what you pay for as high-grade new parts and qualified experts.  

On the off chance that you do choose to take your iPhone to an outsider specialist co-op, make certain to affirm that they appropriately supplanted the sealant strips. Tragically, it is highly unlikely to know without a doubt; you would need to trust the specialist.  

Need a Waterproof iPhone? Get a Case  

In the event that you need to brace your iPhone against all fluid interruption, your smartest choice is to get a waterproof iPhone case. You can discover rock solid waterproof iPhone cases on the web, and they offer more security than Apple’s obscure water-obstruction guarantees.  

Without a waterproof case, get your iPhone far from fluids to forestall its inconvenient death. 


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