What Is “com.google.android.packageinstaller” and Is It Safe?

In the event that you’ve found an application called com.google.android.packageinstaller you could think about what it does and whether it’s genuine. Here is the response.

There’s a ton that goes in the background to make a savvy gadget like your telephone or tablet work. A plenty of undetectable underlying administrations run behind the scenes reliably and consistently to ensure that your experience stays smooth.

One of such administrations that your Android gadget utilizes consistently is com.google.android.packageinstaller. In this article, we’ll make sense of what it is, what it does, why it’s significant, and assuming it’s protected.

What Is com.google.android.packageinstaller?

com.google.android.packageinstaller is the package name of a pre-introduced framework application on the Android operating system called Package Installer. For reference, Google Chrome’s package name is com.android.chrome.

Package Installer is the assistance that runs behind the scenes when you introduce, update, or uninstall applications on your Android gadget. Set forth plainly, it’s an application that introduces and uninstalls other applications.

Each time you introduce something on your Android gadget, including outsider applications like Spotify or Conflict, APK documents, or official programming refreshes, Package Installer gets it going.

Very much like any remaining framework applications, you can’t look for Package Installer in your application cabinet as you accomplish for your ordinary applications. Also, that is finished a valid justification; allowing clients to look and play with significant framework applications can, at any rate, crash a couple of functionalities and to say the least, block your entire telephone.

Is Package Installer Safe?

Indeed, Package Installer is completely protected. It’s a Google-confirmed and Play-safeguarded framework application. By no means would it be advisable for you eliminate or alter this application. Additionally, try not to download some other application that introduces APKs on your gadget as they can be inconsistent and risky.

In the event that you’re interested, you can track down Package Installer by going to the Applications menu of your gadget settings and empowering Show framework applications. However, don’t drive stop the application, keep it any from getting its current authorizations, or roll out any improvements to it at all. Except if you’re an application designer (or an inquisitive feline), you have no genuine business focusing on these framework applications.

In the background of Android

Making a working savvy gadget is difficult; there are huge loads of cycles running consistently that add to your experience as a client. Plunging excessively profound into your framework settings can be unsafe, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what these framework applications do.


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